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Walter Lewis

Babylon, New York, USA

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Walt Lewis retired as a captain from the NYPD Special Operations Division’s Mounted Unit.  As a Lieutenant, in the Special Operations Division, he administered personnel and training programs for the Mounted, Tactical Patrol, Street Crime, Emergency Service, Harbor, Aviation, and Canine Unit


He counseled and guided police personnel experiencing personal hardships and patrol-related stress.  


As a playwright, he adroitly integrates his actual police experiences, and sense of compassion with Shakespearean type soliloquies that give meaning to his varied services in the NYPD. He dramatizes the stressful nature of police work and family relationships with wordplay.


‘Forgiveness’ is the theme of his debut Amazon Best-Seller, “Happenchance—An Easing of the Reins.”


Walt is certified in Mental Health First Aid. He practices transformational strategies, and is presently collating “A Stress Disorder Resource Directory” to benefit police personnel, their families, and the public they’ve sworn to serve.