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Trenee’ Zweigle Coates

Eugene, Oregon, USA

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Trenee’ Zweigle has been a Registered Nurse for over 22 years. She has worked in many different areas of the medical field including acute care, children’s unit and counseling.

When working for children’s oncology, she created a Chemo Buddy doll and a Hospital Buddy doll, as well as a Sandman doll for the children.

Trenee’ is an author of several books including Never Give Up (encouragement for women), Standing Tall (encouragement for military), Teen Prayerbook (encouragement for teens), Still Standing (true story of a man who survived many disasters in his life), and Crying out to Jesus (Christian book of encouragement). These may be found at She is currently working on new books: Mom the Magician (a hilarious book of true stories all moms can identify with) and Nana Nellie (true story of a pioneer woman who lived over 100 years and touched many lives).

Trenee’ is an inspirational coach and speaker at women’s motivational seminars.