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Tina Nies

Flint, Michigan, USA

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Tina Nies is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Trainer, also know as the "Empress of Love."  She consults with organizations and professionals on how they can create more success for their clients through incorporating a simple practice of self-love.

Tina began her work in love, sex, and happiness as a natural extension of working for many years as a Marketing Consultant, Author, and Speaker. She found that so many clients were looking for their business goals to make them happy. She turned that around and began helping them "Be Happier Today" while they worked toward those goals. With that new approach, clients were not only feeling good without waiting, but were also more successful in those business goals!  Her passion is now focused on building and strengthening an individual’s self-love as a foundation for success. Tina empowers entrepreneurs and individuals with a foundation to develop their vision and create action strategies for success as they grow and explore their happiness in business and life.

Even more important, Tina’s focus is on raising awareness of the power of our choices. In each moment, the choices we make impact our success and determine whether or not we reach our goals in business or personal life. “Encouraging people to say yes to choices that lead them to their deepest desires and true happiness and no to choices that do not serve their best interests is extremely powerful.”

“My passion is helping individuals, and organizations look inward to know what is really important to them and then develop action strategies for success as they grow and explore their happiness, talents, abilities, and dreams.”

Tina’s experience includes 16 years as a business/marketing consultant, college instructor, corporate trainer, and community trainer. She completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Michigan and earned her MBA in Business Leadership from Windsor University.