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Sylvie Olivier

Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

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Sylvie Olivier is a visionary leader who spreads and infuses the Essence of Gratitude around the world uplifting people to live enhanced health, wealth, and enriched relationships through transformative products and services.


She is a Bioenergetics Specialist and the author of the book Gratitude in Action 8 Actions of Gratitude. She also obtained her certification as a practitioner of The One Command method as well as with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Getting Thru Techniques (GTT) of the Awakenings Institute.


Through her signature process, she activates a person’s Golden Heart and melts away fears to heal health, wealth and relationship issues in order to create a Golden Heart Abundance for everyone. As a Certified Dream Coach® and through the proven 10-step Dream Coaching® process, she supports you releasing limiting beliefs preventing you from living your dreams, and creates a powerful blueprint for reaching your most important goals faster and with less effort than ever before. The result is Living your “Dream Come True” life, experiencing wonderful possibilities you’ve yet to even imagine!


Having experienced firsthand the power of gratitude, she chose to dedicate her life to the study and the application of all forms of energy connected to what she now calls the Essence of Gratitude, and shares her passion with joy while deepening her exploration of gratitude in all its facets, and in all its forms.