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Sherry Petty

Gun Barrel City, Texas, USA

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Sherry Petty developed a passion for relationship management during her more than 30 years in Corporate America in the information technology arena. She literally became a student of people, what motivates and demotivates them, and what factors affected how they showed up at work. Through some personal development work, she began to focus attention on how she showed up in her own life as well as how she dealt with relationships.


After healing her relationship with herself and reaping the benefits from that in all relationships, she finds it empowering to help others to do the same. She now lives that passion by assisting clients in taking control and responsibility for their own lives. She specializes in helping her clients achieve dramatic improvements in their relationships through personal accountability, ownership, and effective communications.


Sherry is currently working on her new book, the soon to be released Emotional Air—The Air Your Soul Breathes.