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Sergio Bello

Oaxaca, Mexico

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Sergio Bello is the one and only Communications Climatologist. Sergio is the father of two children; both were born with cerebral palsy. They have been on the edge of dying continuously, but thanks to his wife of 30 years and the Four Words To Live For, they found together and with the help of God, they transformed their problems into the ability to be happy and have a successful life.


Appointed President of the Association of Hoteliers for the State of Oaxaca in 2007, after a political unrest that brought the State to bankruptcy conditions, he was the architect of a miracle recovery. He achieved the amazing result by having people work together in government, the private sector, and society. Thanks to his extraordinary communication knowledge, skills, and ability, he was able to make all of this happen.


He creates a communications climate for personal and business settings in order to avoid conflicts, reduce costs, improve creativity, and increase profits.