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Michael Foley

Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA

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Michael Foley was a Technical/Executive Contract Recruiter with the Power Conversion industry working with high tech firms until late 2012, when he found out the news of cancer in his body. He had recently moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Phoenix, AZ to take care of his Mother when he found he had to make the decision of his life between the removal of his prostate gland or becoming a Vegetarian/Flexitarian and since he likes all of body parts he started studying both procedures.

With the help of a great wellness doctor’s encouragements he decided to go with a new eating arrangement, Flexitarian. Being such a huge change with life threating consequences he had to learn to let go, breath in the good exhale the bad. After one year of this he realized what a wonderful thing had transpired in his life, number one, he was still alive, feeling better than he did when he started it and happier. This is when he started this book with all of his new found knowledge to share with the world.