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Marina O'Hara

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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Marina's passion for skin care and beauty started as a little girl when she would help her mother get ready for special occasions. As she grew up, she carried this same passion to the pet care industry and is still a strong animal advocate today.

In the 80's, her passion for skin care began once she moved to Florida and started to manage a day spa. After taking classes, she became more and more interested in skin care.\

She truly wanted to give clients more than they were receiving from other estheticians, so she took more and more classes, got licensed, and began working with clients.

After developing a long list of clients on her own, she began working full-time in the skin care industry. To increase her knowledge, she worked with plastic surgeons for four years and learned much about the paramedical field of esthetics.

Because of her extensive work with medical experts, doctors, and skin care companies, her ability to help and assist clients is better than anyone else in the industry.

The hands-on experience she received throughout her career and her interaction with clients coming in for surgical procedures truly helped her become the professional she is today.

In addition to her work experience, Marina has extensively studied natural medicine and healing properties of plants, supplements, and other organic materials in relation to the skin's physiology and function.

"Take the lemons and turn them into lemonade. It is so sweet!"  Marina O'Hara