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Marie-Hélène Risi

Quebec, Canada

Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Marie-Hélène Risi is the founder of Forma-Vie Coaching, Inc., a company dedicated to teaching French-speaking women coaches around the world to create a full practice in record time, every time, through her proprietary program called Pleine Pratique, a seven-step system that completely transforms her clients’ coaching practices.

She is also the founder of the first online coaching magazine dedicated to French-speaking coaches, called Coachs d ’Exception. Through her coaching and training, Marie-Hélène has helped coaches regain their power in an industry that is still young and transform their mindset to set clear boundaries with their clients while learning to identify the false beliefs that limit the growth of their practices.

Marie-Hélène’s remarkable intuition mixed with her unique talent to create a sacred and safe place for clients to draw upon their unique brilliance makes her a very sought-after coach.