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Marie and D. Scot Marsden

Colorado Spings, Colorado, USA

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Marie and D. Scot Marsden have enjoyed 34 blessed years of marriage.

Their passion is restoring the covenant of marriage and establishing wholesome families, and they write a weekly blog (External link opens in new tab or The couple lives in Colorado, attends New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and they serve as marriage mentors and small group leaders. They both have professional degrees plus master’s certificates in Biblical Studies, and are licensed ministers.

Marie is a Registered Nurse with a wide-ranging scope of healthcare experience and D. Scot has enjoyed a long career in financial management for small and large businesses.

D. Scot met Marie at a private college where the ratio of women to men was 3:1. He snatched up Marie, who is one of three triplet girls, within her first week of school, and three years later they married. They have three adult children, all happily married, and two adorable grandchildren so far.