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Gail Lloyd
Kailua, Hawaii, USA

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It is essential to maintain peace practices daily and  to cultivate moments of awareness.  You can bring a spiritual practice to any moment of the day, and take yourself out of the drama of the moment.


During this time of cyber-bullying, I recall being continuously harassed at my job.  There were times when I felt quite trapped, and I would find the spare room in the building that was rarely used and go in there and do some stretches and/or deep breathing, allowing myself to take a step away. 

It is so important to adopt simple practices throughout your day. We are getting inundated by streams of information on so many levels and things pulling at us emotionally and spiritually.


We need to own what we are going through. Be kind, tolerant, and honest with yourself. I think if you do that, you will feel more resilient and can snap out of a place of anxiety or overwhelm a lot more quickly.


I hope my story will empower people with unusual gifts and talents to take courage to speak their truth, and reveal who they authentically are to the world.  For my part, I will endeavor to connect with others to raise the level of awareness in the world.  I wrote a song recently, and perhaps it will resonate with others who are vulnerable, or have been bullied or victimized.  It’s called “Prayer for A Wounded Girl” and you can find it on YouTube: External link opens in new tab or window