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David George Brooke

Bothell, Washington, USA

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As an in-demand speaker at Rotaries, Chambers, schools, and businesses, David George Brooke delivers a message of hope through the power of living a life with gratitude.


The author of "The Brooker's Daily Gratitude Journal" and a co-author of the Amazon Best Seller "The Gratitude Book Project” David specializes in coaching people to overcome any obstacle through the power of gratitude, and specifically the use of a daily gratitude journal.


Having survived numerous tragedies including the deaths of his wife, mother, father, sister-in-law, and a number of very close friends, David has the real life experiences to encourage people to never give up.


His enthusiastic energy and passion for gratitude consistently deliver a message that any life, however difficult, can be lived to the fullest by utilizing several simple steps every day. That message becomes an extremely healthy coping mechanism to empower you every single day.