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Carol Westberry

Riverview, Florida, USA

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Carol Westberry is CEO and President of The Westberry Group Inc., a full-service human resource consulting group and™ LLC, an online HR resource provider.

Carol’s primary focus is Human Resources Compliance and has an impressive track record of defusing potential HR complaints before they turn into costly EEOC charges or lawsuits. Carol and her team are experienced in achieving successful employee counseling outcomes, managing employee discharges, designing policies that work, and keeping management up-to-date with the ever-changing employment laws.

While Carol understands that not everybody loves HR, she knows that HR risk avoidance and solid employee relations strategies are necessary and essential for all businesses to survive. Her number one goal has been to provide her clients with straightforward, business-based solutions that are win-win solutions for everyone.

Before becoming an HR consultant, Carol served in progressively responsible human resource management positions in the manufacturing, technology, and hospitality areas. As an expert in the HR field, she’s also a presenter and a facilitator. She has designed and delivered numerous human resource focus workshops and has been a featured speaker at annual conferences and conventions. Carol has served on the faculty for national training firm Lorman Education Services.

Carol’s article, “Counseling: An Opportunity To Improve,” based on the workshop of the same name, has recently been featured in national news magazines.