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Dr. Barbara Hales

Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

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Working in the women’s health field as a physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology for 30 years was gratifying; then Dr. Barbara Hales thought, “Why stop there?” Barbara, The Medical Strategist, plays a key role in health care today and coaches medical professionals to distinguish and integrate new insights in the health community to create successful tactics and marketing schemes.


Utilizing scientific and medical knowledge, The Medical Strategist can interpret data, identify  obstacles, and help maneuver around it to help the client or provider flourish.


Barbara founded The Write Treatment and is the author of the powerful book, Power to the Patient: The Medical Strategist. Instead of discussing health with one person at a time, copywriting and book-and-white-paper authorship gives Barbara the opportunity to inform the whole public at large of  health issues—things they should do and those they should avoid.