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Anita Greenberg

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Anita Greenberg, being a mother, stepmother, wife, daughter, and professional, brings a wealth of experience to her career as a life coach.  Anita’s professional careers spanned the fields of real estate, property management, and law, until she found the love of her professional life in coaching.


With education in positive psychology, she has gone on to become a Board Certified Master Practitioner  of  Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™ (TLT™) as well as hypnotherapy. Anita’s education, together with all of her life experience, has enabled her to deeply understand and effectively aid her clients through their issues, fears, goals, and dreams. 

Today, along with devoting herself to her practice of life coaching, Anita also devotes her time to her family and friends as well as taking a seat on the Board of Directors of the International Coaching Federation, Toronto Chapter.