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Andrea Hylen

Santa Monica, California, USA

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In the beginning of your day—it could be before you get out of bed, or it could be when you’re in the shower, or even if you feel like you wake up and you start your day and it’s rush, rush, rush—there’s going to be some moment where you can find a moment of stillness.  I’ll even say this with some humor—it may be that you rush, rush, rush, but you sit down to go to the bathroom—there’s a moment of stillness for you—I would say to exercise it.  Take a moment where you close your eyes and take a breath and put your hand on your heart. In that moment of stillness, let everything go. 

One of the ways that I do to really bring myself into the present moment is imagine that there’s a magnet in the middle of my head, and I’m going to pull all the parts of myself into the present.  Anything that you were just doing—running around or anything you think you need to be doing next—just bring everything from the past, present, and future into this present moment. 


In this society of rush, rush, rush and all the things that we do to try to find the value of who we are, the truth is that you and the vibration you carry—your deep essence—is the most important task for you on the planet; it is to Be, and to be who you are.