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Dr. Tianna Conte

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Dr. Tianna Conte

New Rochelle, New York, USA




Bestseller Status: Confirmed


Dr. Tianna Conte is a trail blazing blend of mystic, scientist, and best-selling transformational author. She is a trained naturopath, interfaith minister, and initiated shaman specializing in mind-body therapy. She has been empowering people in personal evolution for forty years. Integrating ancient wisdom with cutting-edge energy psychology has earned her a reputation as a “physician” to the soul.

Her Near-Death Experience uniquely qualifies her to bring a deep intuitive knowledge of consciousness, life, death and transformation to the eternal journey.

Tianna focuses on training others to live life with passion, purpose, and pleasure. She is the director of Infinite Possibilities Productions, co-founder of Ageless Secrets and co-author of Love’s Fire trilogy and The Change. She is the producer whose story is featured in Awaken Your Riches, and co-stars in Dying To Live. Currently in private practice, she conducts retreats in Extraordinary Living-Fearless Dying. Through international travels, and participation with shamans and spiritual masters, Tianna has explored the evolutionary power of love-based living. The result has been the creation of the GPS Code for accessing one’s innate guidance and power.